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 Our Fighting  follows the safety guidlines & rules of  the


Fencing or Rapier Combat is a competitive marshal art involving a bated or rebated blade Bated blade (aka rebated blade) - A blade designed and expressly meant for training or tournament use. These are designed to simulate as closely as possible the weight, balance, and action of a "sharp" while still maintaining a blunted edge. Because of this, rebated blades often look don't resemble the swords they are made to simulate. These blades are designed specifically for practice and to minimize the possibility of injury.


Heavy Armour

Like knights in the times of old, at the EMHS we like to refine our skills in close quarters combat. None is more brutal than the heavy armoured combat. Every fighter dawns a set of heavy armor and is thrust into a world of combat. Each fighter may use a wide arsenal of weapons, stemming from a sword and shield, to spear, polearm, mace, greatsword and many others.

Be warned, there are several saftey features which need to be met in accordance with the rules set by the  SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). These rules include minimum armor requirements as well as weapon saftey standards and the chivalry code in which the sport is conducted.

If you want to learn more about this amazing experience, come out and see us Thursdays or Sundays when specified on our  calender . If you want to suit up, many of us would be happy to show you the ropes. Come out, suit up and have fun.



Other Combat

Thrown Weapons


Youth Program

Fun for youth or adults thrown weapons include knives and throwing axes. We teach you how to throw. This is a target, non-combat sport.

Whether you want to shoot at targets or get into combat archery we can help you with your aim and stance. Recurve bows, Longbows and Crossbows are all period and can be used. This is a great family activity as children can learn to shoot as soon as they can understand the safety rules.

Besides thrown weapons and archery we also have  Youth Boffer to prepare those who are interested in the heavy fighting. This is a much safer way for those under 18 to learn the skills they will need to continue fighting later.

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